TP Campus Relay 2012

This post was first published on the FBI (Financial Business Informatics) blog on Jul 22, 2012. I’m putting it here as a backup copy. Click here to see the original post.

It’s that time of the year again. Students and lecturers from all over Temasek Polytechnic gather for some fun involving stretching, short sticks, and sweat. That’s right; it’s the annual campus relay! This year, I was lucky enough to take part to represent my course, Financial Business Informatics (FBI). There were 46 teams from the six different schools (and the SAA) this year, and since most of the teams each represented one course, one could say this was an inter-course competition. *smirk*

Bad jokes aside, this was a serious matter for my course, as we were hoping to maintain or beat our standing last year. Three weeks leading up to the race, we started training together and this proved to be essential at ferreting out the best runners. Mr Lim kept making changes to the groups and in the end we ended up having two teams for FBI, named F1 and F2. We did have a lot of motivation to run though; the pressure of doing well, Mr Lim contacting us to make sure we came and, of course, free drinks.

01 TPRelay Group 1
Team FBI F1 with Director/IIT

02 TPRelay Group 2
Team FBI F2 with Director/IIT

All that training eventually paid off. Although we didn’t improve our positioning (still 6th place), our overall timing improved by almost a minute! I feel that this was a great achievement, and I think everyone was quite satisfied, especially since we each got a shiny medal!

03 TPRelay Win
Our hard work paid off!

In my opinion, this is a great event for lecturers and students to bond, as well as a fun way to exercise. It’s not every day you get the chance to out-do your lecturer. Nor in fact, for your lecturer to out-run YOU!



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