Introducing the Introvert (me)

I am an introvert. I’m fully aware of that and I like it that way. I like peace and quiet, I like solitude, I like being independent. I don’t like crowds and unnecessary noises. I don’t like shouting.

Let me share my definition of “introvert”. An introvert is someone who is independent and prefers his/her own company more than that of other humans. What this means is that while I like being alone, I don’t want to be alone all the time.

Being antisocial means (IMO) purposely rejecting any attempts to socialize. An antisocial guy would answer in one word answers or short sentences, or treat the other person as if he or she was a distraction to whatever he was doing before.

But I am not antisocial. Not all the time, anyway.

We introverts have an energy store when we interact with people. The more people there are, the more energy is drained, and once that is used up, we become withdrawn and exhausted. Now we become antisocial, because we have to recharge. During this time, I like to recharge my “people batteries” by doing self-reflection activities like blogging and walking.

This is like the 7th Habit (Sharpen the Saw) in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Steven Covey.
End Aside

Introverts are actually very vocal in the right situation. When I’m with the right person or group of people, my carefree side tends to come out and I am so much more sociable. I’m very loud, crack a lot of jokes and generally make a fool of myself. My energy doesn’t deplete as much or as fast as when I meet people I don’t know.

Introverts are extroverts with only a select group of people. If someone who’s naturally an introvert becomes extroverted around you, consider yourself lucky, because it means he/she is incredibly comfortable with you and will tend be much more open towards you.



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