This post was first published on my Tumblr on May 31, 2013, and is now updated with my experiences since then.

I finished all eight seasons of the TV series Monk a couple of weeks ago, and I was really upset when it finished. I mean, yeah it had a nice happy ending, but the story has finished. Book lovers will understand.

Almost every episode follows a somewhat typical storyline. Something about Adrian Monk changes, it affects his work, he catches the culprit, then somehow the change reverses, leaving him back at square one. It’s very sad and frustrating.

Some episodes are especially touching and/or emotional, when he is shown to miss his wife. It’s quite depressing, but it made me appreciate my life. That’s the thing I like about sad shows. It’s always much worse than your problems and it makes your problems seem small and easy to overcome.

Monk did teach me a lot. I’ve got a lot of practice with observing things and predicting the storyline. I don’t always see it and I don’t always get it right, but I do my best.

He has OCD and has to keep cleaning up and rearranging things. In a way, I can understand how it helps him solve cases. See, if everything is perfect, then you can see the imperfections and inconsistencies. I learnt how to be meticulous from watching this show.

I’m going to miss this show.



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