Trade Secrets

This post was first published on my Tumblr on Feb 26, 2012, and is now updated with my experiences since then.

Goal for Participant:
Be the person to find out as many Real secrets as possible.

Goal for Game:
Encourage conversation and bonding between teammates.

How to play:
Each player prepares two secrets about themselves (one “Real”, one “Fake”) and writes both on a piece of paper. Then each play folds it up, writes his/her name, then puts it into a bag. The bag will be sealed until the end of the game.

Everyone starts off with one secret (their own). Each player has to “trade” their secrets with each other.

You may trade other people’s secrets if you have them.

If you receive two different secrets about someone, it is up to you to evaluate which you think is “Real”.

At the end of the two days, all the secrets will be revealed and the person with the most “Real” secrets will be the winner.

Everyone must have only two secrets (one “Real”, one “Fake”).

The secret doesn’t have to be a secret, just something that no one else knows about you.

The secret doesn’t have to be negative and it doesn’t have to be something so deep that you don’t want to share.

The secret cannot be something lame, like, “I went to Africa during the holidays”. It must be interesting, like, “I went to the Moon!”

Think about your secret. If someone were to tell you that secret, would you find it interesting? I will leave it up to you to decide.

Your secrets do NOT both have to be real. “Real” and “Fake” are only game terms. Both your secrets can be real to you, but you must choose one to be “Fake”. However, at least one secret must be real, in order for others to evaluate that secret based on what they know of you.

You may not make up secrets during the course of the game. You may only choose to tell your “Real” OR “Fake” secret that you wrote down.

You must tell at least one person your “Real” secret during the first day.

If you agree to a trade, you MUST exchange a secret. This is to ensure that the first person to tell his/her secret is NOT disadvantaged.

It is advisable to write down other people’s secrets. However, YOU are responsible for your own recording device. You can record the secrets on your mobile device or paper, it doesn’t matter. If you lose those secrets, the people who told you their secrets are NOT obliged to tell them to you again. You may reconstruct the secrets from memory if you can.

You MUST record three things:

1. The secret
2. Who told you the secret
3. Who the secret belongs to



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