Sadistic vs Masochistic

So a friend of mine asked if I was sadistic or masochistic.

Sadism n
1. The deriving of sexual gratification or the tendency to derive sexual gratification from inflicting pain or emotional abuse on others.
2. The deriving of pleasure, or the tendency to derive pleasure, from cruelty.
3. Extreme cruelty.

Masochistic adj
1. Psychiatry. having a condition in which sexual gratification depends on suffering, physical pain, and humiliation.
2. Gratified by pain, degradation, deprivation, etc., inflicted on oneself either by one’s own actions or the actions of others.
3. Tending to be self-destructive.
4. Tending to find pleasure in self-denial, submissiveness, degradation, etc.

I took the definitions less as sexual, but more like, do I prefer to torture or be tortured?

At first I answered sadistic. In Magic: the Gathering (MTG), I’m of the colours Blue and Black (Dimirian), which means I like to steal people’s secrets and use it against them. In essence, torture and blackmail.

But the more I thought about it, the weirder I felt. I actually prefer to be tortured, in the sense that, suffering in order to achieve what I want. For example, my daily workouts are tiring and painful, but I want abs more than I don’t want pain.

I can be sadistic when I want to. I’m a pretty good debater, given enough time to gather my thoughts and rebut. I’m also a troll, and a very annoying one at that, so I guess that’s a form of torturing others. Sometimes I burn people with my remarks too.

So what are you?



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