Museum of Serial Psychopaths

This post was first published on my Tumblr on Nov 4, 2012, and is now updated with my experiences since then.

Yesterday I went for my first ever Halloween event: The Museum of Serial Psychopaths, organized by the TP Japanese Culture Group (TPJCG). I went with Jermain, who was nice enough to pay for my ticket.

There were five rooms in total, each featuring a different killer. The first three had long lines, so we went up to the Jack the Ripper and Soap Killer rooms. I was hoping for some puzzle games that we could solve and the first one didn’t disappoint.

In the Jack the Ripper room, Jermain and I had to find six pieces of a puzzle before we could exit the room. We managed to find all six, so we escaped unscathed, but I wonder what would’ve happened if we hadn’t managed to…

Moving on to the Soap Killer room, we were given some background. The killer was a chef who’s hobbies included soap making. That was a little confusing to me, but hey, I rolled with it. We entered the room with two other girls and, being the only guy, I was pushed to the front. Not that I minded. *wink* I was hoping for another puzzle here, so I was frantically looking around doing my best to memorize as much as I could. There was a recipe on the board for chocolate cake, beside another recipe on how to make soap. Sadly, I couldn’t remember it all. Turns out it was unimportant anyway. The chef was showing us how to make the chocolate cake when he “accidentally” dropped a dismembered arm from under the table. His boss came and shouted at him and we were chased to the last section of the room. We could still hear them arguing about a key, so that was when I figured out we needed a key to escape. There were “bodies” all around, coming to life and Jermain managed to find the key. She immediately passed it to one of the “bodies” before I could stop her. I had a sinking feeling that we shouldn’t have done that, but they let us out anyway.

After we “escaped” the two girls we were with asked to interview us. It turned out that they were from Singapore Polytechnic and were doing this as part of their project. Jermain and I obliged them and we were on our way back down to the last three rooms.

We queued for the Doll Killer room first, because that had the shortest queue of the remaining rooms. When we went in, the butler told us we had to crack a lock by deciphering a riddle and finding clues around the room. Now THIS was what I was hoping for. Of all five rooms, I liked this one the best. The clue said we had to find three numbers, first the hands, then bodies, then clothing. I over-thought it and started counting the number of hands, bodies and clothes around the room, but realized it was wrong when I hit two digit numbers. The lock we were shown only had three single digit numbers. Anyway, I felt quite dumb after that and the butler had to clue us in. Turns out the numbers were written on one of the hands, bodies and on a skull hidden between the clothes. *facepalm*

After we escaped, the Geisha Killer was next. This room had no puzzles, it was just a show for our entertainment and we left after it was over.

The last room was the Skin Weaver and I think, the most gruesome room yet. This was actually the first room and having saved it for last was lucky. While the attendants were explaining to us the history of the Skin Weaver, the power went out by accident. THAT was scary, but I thought it was a nice touch, even if it was an accident.

I think the whole thing was awesome, although I definitely over-thought a lot of things. Heh.



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