Ingress Part Three – An Update

This is a my reflection on the updates of the game since I last talked about it. It will assume you know what Ingress is and how it works. If you’re unfamiliar with Ingress, click here to read my summary on the game. Click here instead if you want to see my thoughts in the previous post.

So Ingress has had several updates since I last wrote about it. Between then and now, I’ve reached Level Eight (the current max level at the time) and my interest in the game dwindled. Also, because of my packed schedule, I couldn’t play much. I preferred to hang out with my friends or stay at home and blog, rather than go out and play Ingress.

After reaching Level Eight, the game was about creating and maintaining Control Fields. I saw this as a passive objective so I didn’t really like it. I prefer active objectives, goals that you move toward to, not maintenance work.

Anyway, back to Ingress. I haven’t been keeping up with the story, but my dad has, and he’s been telling me about the progress. They’ve had several updates that improved the user interface and added more features. One of these features was the addition of Levels Nine to Sixteen. Don’t know what the extra levels will bring, but perhaps better weapons or resonators or mods. Maybe even new items.

So far, we’ve got nothing exclusive to the higher levels yet. The extra levels are just statuses for now, with no practical applications. But it was the addition of these extra levels that sparked my interest again. Now I have a new objective: leveling up.

There were more updates though:

Glyph Hacking
By long pressing the Hack button, a glyph game will appear. It’s basically a memory game; memorizing the glyphs that appear on your screen and then recreating them in order within a time limit. The higher the level of the portal, the more glyphs you have to remember and replicate. Glyph hacking gives you extra items.

Capsules are containers that you can use to store up to 100 inventory items in. The items in the capsule still count toward your inventory total and the capsule counts itself as one item. But there are two advantages. First, it lets you transfer items to another player pretty easily. My dad and I have been transferring items back and forth without capsules and it’s quite tedious.

Secondly, the capsule disables or “hides” your items. This means that you can store your extra keys or a particular inside the capsule, then when you hack the portal, it will see that you don’t have a key and will give you one. Previously, players had to drop keys, hack the portal and then pick up the keys again. This is okay if you have up to four keys, but it gets more and more annoying when you have to drop ten keys.

As of now, capsules can only be gotten with passcodes that are discovered in the discussion board or the in-game media. I’ve got no capsules, so now I regret recycling all my media.

As far as I understand it, these weapons are more precise variations of the standard XMP. They have higher damage but a smaller radius and they span the current eight levels, just like regular XMPs. If you stand on top of a resonator, a good Ultra-Strike can take it out in one hit. This is excellent for hitting high level farms without getting hit by other portals due to the residual radius damage inflicted by the normal XMPs. It’s also good for finishing off the last resonator or two of a portal and you don’t want to waste a Level Seven or Eight XMP on it.

I’ve got a L2 and a L6 Ultra-Strike, but I haven’t used them yet.

Looks like I’m back in the game! 😀


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