Cards Against Friends

In the weeks leading up to my departure of Singapore, I’ve been involved with organizing three birthday parties for four people (we celebrated two of them together, since their birthdays are only three days apart).

I was mainly in charge of creating games, since that’s my forte.

The first party was for my friend Dawei. I create Dawei Trivia, in which the game worked like a game show, complete with a host, competing teams and Dawei as the subject. The idea was to keep asking increasingly embarrassing questions about Dawei and see who knows him best.

I was quite proud of that game because, although it wasn’t original, it was simple, fun and on theme. I helped to come up with a lot of the questions. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there to host and enjoy the game because I had a dinner to attend that day. I was told that the game was a hit with the party guests and I’m very sorry to have missed out on it. Would have liked to see my masterpiece in action, if I do say so myself.

For the party for two guys, I came up with a variation of Cards Against Humanity (CAH). CAH is the most politically incorrect game ever made and it makes for some ridiculous times and hilarious moments. I proposed that the questions be about the two birthday boys and our answers be as ridiculous as possible. That turned out to be much harder than I thought, so we ended up making the actual Cards Against Humanity game by cutting out 7x11cm cards from drawing block paper and copying the questions and answers we liked onto them. Here’s a link to the cards if you want to make them yourself 😀

I really like making games and I have a small passion for game design and the aesthetics of games and gameplay. I’m always on the lookout for ideas I can turn into games to play, especially when the idea is dripping with flavour.



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