Wake up in the morning feeling like…. going back to sleep

This post was first published on my Tumblr on Aug 10, 2012, and is now updated with my experiences since then.

Getting up in the morning is really a struggle for some people. I’d like to share some of my tips about how I get up in the morning.

First, set your alarm clock (duh). Personally, I use my iPod Touch as my alarm clock, because of its flexibility for handling multiple alarm times and a built in snooze button. Once I’ve set my alarm, I don’t have to set it ever again. Some alarm clocks require you to actually turn off the damn thing and this may lead to you forgetting to turn it on again at night. So my iPod is really convenient for this.

What’s the deal with the snooze button anyway? Nothing like starting the day with a little procrastination, is there?

So your alarm rings in the morning, right on time. You put you hand over to shut off the thing and fall back into the abyss of sleep. How I solve this problem has two parts. First, my snooze button is never-ending and I can’t just smack my hand over it. I turn it face down, so I don’t accidentally touch the touchscreen. This way, I actually have to wake up, flip it over and THEN touch the snooze button. The second part is this: I put my alarm clock far away from where I’m sleeping, like on the far end of my desk. In this manner, I actually have to be on my feet to switch it off. At this point, I’m already halfway to waking up.

Some people have these alarms that play your favourite song in the morning to wake you up. DON’T. Pretty soon you’ll start to hate your song as you will associate it with tiredness. Instead, what I do is when I go to switch off my alarm, I start playing a random playlist of all my songs. This has two advantages:

1) I have a constant stream of differing sounds and beats, which will not allow sleep, and
2) I won’t associate tiredness with any one particular song

The first advantage is more important and it doesn’t matter if you have slow sleepy songs on it as well. My iPod will still ring again ten minutes later and about three songs would have played already. It’s near impossible for all three songs to have to same rhythm and beat, so I’m already half awake and more willing to get up.

Another tip I have is: set your alarm half an hour earlier than you’re supposed to wake up. In the words of Garfield:

“The earlier you get up, the more time you have to over sleep.”

This is surprisingly true (to a certain limit) and it helps condition you to waking up early.

The last tip I have is to drink water just before you go to sleep. When your alarm rings, you’ll feel the urge to pee and therefore have a lot more motivation to get up.

May your mornings be as awesome as the music you listen to.



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