So I’ve been thinking about zombies again. Perhaps my old post regarding zombies comes to mind?

Well I thought of how zombies could be useful. Introducing the Smart Zombie!

The idea is to take advantage of their dormant states and lack of homeostasis, implying that they don’t require food, water or air to survive. They would be living robots.

Imagine if we could somehow program the zombies to do our bidding, a la necromancer style. Zombies would be able to go where no human can go. Think space! In their dormant state, we could send them hundreds of light years away and have them report back to us. Zombinauts!

Or instead, I thought perhaps we could preserve the brain of say, an astronaut who died. If there was a virus that reanimates the body but leaves the brain alone, the astronaut would have the full thinking capacity he had when he was alive, yet all the advantages of a zombie. No pain, no need for food, water or air. That would probably be a very weird feeling for him though.

Or perhaps we could use zombies as a source of energy. Keep them on treadmills and harness the electrical energy! We could have zombie farms, like windmill farms, that just contain all the zombies and produce energy until the zombies decay themselves away. Zombie power! Whoo!

We’d have to solve the problem of decomposition though, not to mention contagiousness and aggression. Of course, there’s also some moral or ethical dilemma here, but it’s quite interesting to think about, at least to me.

Yes, I have a sick mind.



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