Fairy Tale Endings

This post was first published on my Tumblr on Aug 25, 2012, and is now updated with my experiences since then.

I’ve heard a lot of people (myself included) saying that they just want a fairy tale or Hollywood ending. Girls want their Price Charmings, (some) guys want to be the hero.

Pornography and Disney movies are responsible for the most frustrated teens in the world today.

Naturally, the attraction of these events is understandable, but do these people realize what they’re wishing for?

“Where’s my Price Charming?”
“Where’s my insatiable whore?”

Think about it for a second. Most, if not all, fairy tales and Hollywood movies that have this desirable ending have very undesirable middles. Adversity and tragedy are probably gonna be within the plot of the story and that’s what makes it interesting.

Now, apply this to real life. Do you really want your significant other to have to go through a real life tragedy? Loss of parent(s) or sibling(s), natural disasters, hostage situations.

I don’t think so.

It does no good to dwell on perfect endings, or about finding the perfect person because lets face it: nothing is perfect.

Instead of futile wishes, go out there and take action to create your own fairy tale ending. Ladies, don’t wait for your Prince Charming. The poor fool may be stuck in a tree or something.



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