A Million Ways To Die In The West

Yesterday, my best friend, Song, and I watched A Million Ways To Die In The West, a comedy by Seth MacFarlane, starring Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfried, Neil Patrick Harris and Liam Neeson.

Straight up front, I want to say that it’s an R-rated show because of vulgarities and sexual references. And no, there will not be a censored version because if there is then there’s no point watching the show at all.

I usually don’t enjoy slapstick and crude humor, but this show was actually quite appealing to me. I wouldn’t watch it again though. No, this is one of those shows I’d just watch once, laugh about it and say I’ve seen it, but it’s not on my re-watchable list at all. It’s stuff like The Hangover, Borat, The Dictator and Jackass that just annoy me so much and make me squirm in my seat with discomfort.

A Million Ways To Die In The West turned out to be pretty okay. Not fantastic, in my opinion, but not terrible either. The storyline was nice and simple, which is awesome because it helps the audience focus on the comedy instead of predicting plot twists. I was able to relax myself and just laugh. I did cringe at parts where the jokes were a little dry and especially at the part where he had to explain his own joke because the townsfolk were generally too dense to understand.

On a side note, I was very bothered by Anna (Charlize Theron) because she looked so familiar. She took everything in stride and wasn’t surprised by anything. There was a bar fight scene where she just continued doing what she did while the chaos ensued around her. It reminded me very strongly of Scarlett Johansson when she played Black Widow and just took out all the guards without breaking sweat. I knew it wasn’t her, but the familiarity kept bugging me. After the movie I checked her out *snigger* on Google and found that she played Mary in Hancock. THAT’S why she was so familiar and I pictured her as a very strong individual.

Anyway, this is the first crude humor movie I liked, which is something.



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