I was introduced to this mobile app game called QuizUp a few months back and I must say I’m very addicted to it.

The essence of the game is a quiz of seven questions and you’re pitted against one person from anywhere in the world. You have to pick a topic and you have ten seconds to answer each question. You can get a maximum of 20 points per question except the last one, which gives double points, making the maximum score 160 points per quiz. Of course, that means there’s a possibility of drawing with your opponent. You can also login with Facebook and challenge your friends in any topic available.

There are SO MANY TOPICS!! Not just topics you’d expect like General Knowledge, but also categories and specific topics. For example, there’s actually topic for Avatar: The Last Airbender!! (the TV series, not the botched movie)

QuizUp regularly updates the questions in the topics and adds new topics as well. In fact, a topic for the TV series Arrow was just released last week. Each new topic has a label that says “New” to indicate that the topic is, well, new. I’m actually waiting for Arrow to finish so that I can watch it all at once because I’m a self dubbed “completist“. But that’s a topic for another post.

Anyway, I love this app because it actually teaches me as I play. As you answer each question, it tells you if you got it right or wrong then shows you the correct answer. I’m getting a lot of “did-you-know” tidbits from this app!

Each topic has a one line summary, so that the user has a better idea of what the topic is about. Most of them are quite witty and punny and I get a laugh out of reading them. For example, Spelling has “Are you a gud spellar?” and Word Definitions has “By definition, this topic is about definitions.”

I’m tempted to call them… subtitles. 😀

I just started on Myths and Folklore and it’s really teaching me a lot on Greek, Roman, Celtic, Norse, Aztec, Egyptian and modern myths. It’s LEGEND… wait for it… DARY!

My best topic so far is Riddles because it really makes me practice thinking “sideways”, which is awesome because I sometimes get new puns too! They came up with a new topic called Jokes, which I’m dutifully playing for the same reason.

I get to practice my English too, with topics like Spelling, Grammar and Phobias. How does Phobias help me? Well, first, I’m expanding my vocabulary (apiphobia means fear of bees and sciophobia, or sciaphobia, is the fear of shadows), but I’m also putting my etymology and linguistics skills to the test. Etymology is the study of words and their origins. The phobias really teach me root words of stuff; I know “phobia” means “fear of”, so whatever prefix the word has must be a variation of the thing a person fears. I.e. “api-” means “bees” and “scia-” means shadows.

QuizUp is a really awesome game. Not only is it fun, it’s educational and loads you up with random tidbits if information you can start a conversation with. Go get it! It’s free and available on both Android and iOS.



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