How To Train Your Dragon 2

I caught How To Train Your Dragon 2 last Sunday with two of my best friends Song and Jia Kiat.

Yes, it was a stag party.

No, it’s not gay.

It’s totally manly to watch an animated cartoon that has tonnes of cuteness awesomeness. So there. Besides, I managed to get a 1-for-1 deal with my Safra card, as well as a $2 discount for the third ticket at Shaw. Averaged out to be about $6.50-$7 per person! That’s even better than watching on a weekday at non peak hours. Anyway, back to the movie.


I’m already a huge fan of the first How To Train Your Dragon so I was really excited to see the sequel. And boy did it deliver. I absolutely love Hiccup’s new armour and new innovative gadgets. I was especially impressed with his fire sword and how skillfully he weilded it.

Every story has one plot: Who Am I? I think I heard this from one of the Spiderman shows, and this was no different. It was about how Hiccup was still finding himself, the love between friends and family and always looking to end conflicts with non violent solutions.

Okay it was a kids show, so I felt that there wasn’t very deep character development other than for Hiccup. I was half hoping for more relationship development (especially with Astrid) or a coming of age show, but they took it in a whole new direction. Not that that’s bad! They focused more on the dragons; emphasising their feline qualities, making new dragons and showing off new secrets. Obviously the selling point of the show is the cuteness of the dragons.

One thing that hit me hard was the death of Hiccup’s father. I teared up then, but didn’t fully cry. I guess they could have emphasised the moment, but the story moved on quickly. I felt that some of the touching moments were ruined with comedy. Like when Hiccup’s parents reunited and Hiccup’s father serenaded his wife with an old song. They were constantly interrupted with Hiccup’s mentor’s bad singing.

Yes I forgot the characters names, okay? I suck.

So yeah the story moved quite fast and, while I like the dragons, I would have liked the relationships and characters to have had more development. Felt like there was a lot of overview, not enough details. I think I prefer the first movie though.



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