World Building

Wow, writing this story is much more difficult than I thought it’d be. I’m now world building and it’s slow because I’m the only one doing it. I mean, I do bounce ideas off my friends, but I want to be able to say I made this story myself, you know?

Anyway, this is an update on what I’ve got. I know I said I’d have a chapter once every two weeks starting July, but I already missed the first fortnight because I’m not ready to release it yet.

I did settle on a structure and names though. I’m gonna write a trilogy, and the titles are Learn, Remember and Forget. That should provide me with enough scaffolding flavour to craft my story around, as well as know what parts of the story should belong to which book. Sometimes I think of scenes in my head, or encounter real life scenarios that I can incorporate into my story, so the titles give me a filter I can use to assign each scenario.

I thought I’d be able to do this whole project from the bottom up, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I’m a top down person. I need to have to whole structure then work out the details. So that’s also why I’ve been delayed in writing; I’ve been busy planning out the major portions of the story.

On a fun note, I’ve created a skill tree for mental abilities! Did quite a bit of research in telepathic skills and psionic abilities. It was very interesting and the research not only helped me create the skill tree, it also helped me classify different types of abilities that my characters would have.

I also finally created my antagonist. There are several stories in which the antagonist isn’t actually evil, just misunderstood or different from the protagonist. For example, Alien. The xenomorphs are just animals that have evolved to be at the top of the food chain. They’re only the “bad guys” because they kill the humans, which most viewers “support” or “root for”. From the xenomorphs’ point of view, they’re just following their natural instincts to hunt for food and protect their queen from threats. Humans are merely food to them, just as cows and pigs are to us. Aliens are much like ants and bees, but these creatures aren’t “bad guys” to us.

There are many other non-evil antagonists out there too. Freedom fighters, natural disasters, unavoidable situations. It just has to be unhelpful to the protagonist. So that’s how I’m going to write it. I’ve come up with a sort of left brain vs right brain sort of concept, but I’ve filtered that battle into Remember and Forget.

The last reason I have for delaying the story is making characters. It’s one of the reasons why I thought of the Friend Date. I get to see different types of people and then model my characters of them, or blend different aspects or quirks of different people I know to create a new character. My protagonist is easy, he’s modelled off an ideal version of myself. But since this story is about mind reading, I’ll need to understand different people and how they think; what exactly goes through their minds.

So anyway, the new release date will be in the first two weeks of August. I’ll probably finish the first chapter in July, but I’ll need some buffer time to prepare more. I always like buffer time.



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