I’ve recently been using Carousell, a mobile app similar to Ebay, but specific to Southeast Asia. I think it’s much more user friendly and intuitive, as there are less options and requirements than Ebay. I can only compare it to Ebay because that’s the only other secondary market platform I’ve used.

For now I’m only trading Magic: the Gathering (MTG) cards and books. Two weeks ago, on Friday, I made three trades. Bought the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy at $25, Mastermind at $7, and did an even trade with MTG cards. My first three transactions went pretty well and I was very happy with them.

Not only do I plan to read the books I bought, I’m also going to wrap the covers in plastic wrap and resell them when I’m done. Perhaps I can even make a slight profit! As of now I haven’t sold any books, just cards. (I’m selling the Divergent trilogy and the Rogue Agent series, if anyone is interested!)

Last Friday I bought Ellen Degeneres’ book, Seriously… I’m Kidding for just $8. I’ve only read a bit of it and I can’t stop laughing!

But it’s not always good. After I bought Seriously… I’m Kidding, I was suppose to meet another guy to sell him $5 worth of cards. The plan was to meet him at Woodlands MRT station at lunch, around 12.30pm. I messaged him at 11.30 saying that I’d be on time, but he replied to say that he’d gone somewhere different for lunch. So we pushed it to 6pm, after his work. I had to go back to Jurong East station to pick up the book anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal to me. When I went to pick up the book, I asked if he’d be there, but he said no, perhaps around 9pm instead. I was fine with that because I would be taking the train home anyway from town area. I could make a little detour.

Then the real problems started. Initially, I wanted to go check out a new churros place at Somerset, but when I reached there, it was already 8pm and there was a huge queue. In order to make it to Jurong East by 9pm, I’d have to leave at 8.15pm. The queue looked as if it would take more than 15 minutes to wait for, so I left empty handed. At least I found it and I knew it was popular.

As I left, I shot a message informing him of my location and estimated time of arrival. No reply. At 8.40, I sent another message saying I’d be there by 8.50pm, as well as a description of what I was wearing and carrying. No reply. At 8.55pm, I started getting worried and asked if he was on his way. Finally at 9.15pm he said his phone was dying and his meeting ran late. I asked if he could reach by 10pm, but he didn’t respond so I left at 9.30pm.

In the end, I was fined an extra $2 for overstaying in the MRT, so that just added to my level of annoyance. I left a message asking for mail trade, but he didn’t reply. So I decided I would have nothing to do with him anymore.

This was a very important lesson for me. Sometimes I’m too nice. I don’t like conflict, and I do my best not to go into an argument unless a) I can win flawlessly and b) winning matters. I don’t take action in anger very often, but when I don’t hold back anything.

Mum always says to pick my battles wisely.



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