Cafe Fest 2014

Two days ago, Song and I went to the Cafe Fest, which was a two day event beside Marina Bay Sands. If Song hadn’t asked me to go, I would not have bothered about it at all, let alone be aware of it. I’m not a hardcore fan of cafes, although I do love me a good cup of joe. But I thought, what the hey, I’d just follow Song wherever he went. Besides, we wanted to do something together to celebrate nearly exactly one year left in NS. I’ll ORD Sep 4 next year, while Song will be out five days after me, on Sep 11.

I’m gonna start by saying I didn’t really enjoy it much. It’s not that I hated it, but I guess you could say…. it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Okay I liked the food we had there, and Song’s company, but I think the event wasn’t all that I thought it would be, so I felt it was a waste of my time and money.

01 Cafefest Redemption

We had to pay $25 for regular passes, so I bought two for both Song and I. Turns out, the passes don’t do much besides give you $0.50 to $1 off most items the twelve cafes were offering. The goodie bags we received weren’t that exciting either. The best thing we got in there was a water bottle. The rest of the items were flyers and a voucher book. I was pretty excited about that at first, until I found out that the vouchers were all for grooming services like waxing and eyebrow trimming and massages and manicures. -.-

02 Oreo Milkshake

I decided to start off with a standard Oreo milkshake from Cake Love. It was priced at $6, 10 cents more expensive than a milkshake from Carl’s Junior, but it turned out to be almost exactly the same. Since I had the cafe pass, I got $1 off. Woohoo. I think a milkshake from Carl’s Junior is better because it comes with whipped cream. I can’t complain much about the milkshake though; it WAS a good milkshake.

03 Mocha

04 Chocolate Muffin

Song and I didn’t have lunch because our plan was to keep snacking from late morning to early afternoon on sweet treats and coffee. We didn’t like the crowd of the festival so we moved away a little. There was a van from Coffee Bandits nearby, but it didn’t seem to be part of the festival. I got myself a chocolate muffin and a mocha for “lunch” anyway.

I learnt that mocha was a mix of chocolate and coffee. Interesting.

The meal was actually pretty decent and filling. The muffin was warm and gooey, all round chocolatey goodness, though not something I’d kill for. We sat by the river for a bit while I consumed my lunch and pondered how we were gonna kill the rest of the afternoon until dinner.

We ended up taking a bus to Little India to our favourite chicken wing rice stall and having an early dinner at 4pm.

At the time of this writing, I’ve just received a notification from Song about Cafe Fest giving us some sort of compensation for people who only came on Saturday and not Sunday. I’ve already sent off an email to request for the compensation, as per the instructions, so now I’m waiting to see what compensation we’ll get. I doubt it’s gonna be cash, although vouchers to the cafes that came down would make some sense.

Might not be totally wasted after all.

8 Sep 2pm Edit: Wow it seems I was too lenient on my judgement of the festival, since I put it down to just me not being a cafe person. There’s a lot of unhappiness on the FB Page, a good summary and a sassy article. It even made the news!


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