Milk & Honey – Artisan Yogurt and Dessert Bar

On Monday, my friend Lisa and I went to Milk & Honey at OneKM mall to have frozen yogurt, or froyo. She’d found a 1-for-1 Groupon deal last week and showed it to me. The parfaits looked really delicious, so we took advantage of the deal and decided to go for it together. For some reason, no one else we know seems to like froyo.

01 Groupon Deal

When we arrived, the place was empty, so we were served immediately and had our choice of seats. Hooray for picking a Monday to avoid the crowds XD The place was well lit and quite peaceful while it was empty, though that changed while we were about halfway through our froyos and more people started queuing up. Lisa and I sat inside Milk & Honey’s air-conditioned seats, but there were also shaded outdoor dining areas as well. In hindsight, we probably would have sat outside because the froyo was quite cold and we stayed long enough for Lisa to start shivering a little.

Anyway, I had the Coffee Addict and Lisa chose the Matcha.

02 Coffee Addict and Matcha

Lisa’s Matcha came with a biscuit stick covered in white chocolate. Since she didn’t like white chocolate, she gave it to me. She said that white chocolate is fake chocolate and I’m inclined to agree. I don’t hate white chocolate, but I don’t like it very much either. I prefer dark chocolate because it’s more “atas” (Singlish for “high class”). Lisa argued that milk chocolate can also be atas and just like that we had a running joke: everything was atas now. I was comparing these froyos to the ones I usually have at Yoguru and saying that these were more atas, to which Lisa pointed out that the price was also just as atas. *snigger*

My Coffee Addict was awesome. I started digging in with froyo and the coffee sauce, which actually complemented each other quite well. I’d expected a stronger coffee taste, but it was pleasantly mild. I could taste the froyo first, then the lingering coffee aftertaste. The dark chocolate triangles were nothing fancy, just straight up dark chocolate (yum!). The brownie bits also provided a nice chewiness to offset the froyo texture. I ate the bits without walnuts in them and gave the rest to Lisa, kind of like in trade for her white chocolate biscuit stick. The Coffee Parfait (apparently, “parfait” has multiple meanings) also quite nice, although I don’t think it flows with the froyo. Probably better as a breather between mouthfuls of yogurt. The coffee taste was also quite mild, and the texture was similar to that of a mousse.

…now I want a chocolate mousse.

Nomming mouthful after mouthful, I reached the next layer: coffee jello. I had no idea what to expect, so I just popped one jelly cube in my mouth and chewed. At first, I could barely taste the coffee, then the coffee bitterness hit me as I mushed the jello. The taste wasn’t exactly strong per se, just weird. I think it was put in as more of a texture thing, but I think the brownie bits do a better job. Finally, the last part was the coffee ganache, which was AMAZING! It’s kinda like the chocolate sauce on a Macdonald’s Sundae, but coffee flavoured. This ganache went extremely well with my partially liquid yogurt for a very, shall we say, tasteful finish. 😛

I had a bit of Lisa’s Matcha as well, but I didn’t really like it. Okay, the vanilla sauce gave the froyo a distinctly ice cream feel, which was nice, and the delightful little chocolate balls exploded with flavour in my mouth, but the green tea crumble wasn’t really my thing.

03 Milk & Honey Menu

These parfaits are Milk & Honey’s signature parfaits, which was what this Groupon deal was limited to, but you can actually customize your toppings, like any decent froyo shop.

04 Design Your Own Parfait

In summary, I feel that froyos at Milk & Honey are sit-and-enjoy desserts, whereas those from Yoguru are on-the-go treats.



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