HabitRPG is a mobile game app that allows you to track your habits and turn them into game actions that earn you gold and level up your character. Essentially, it turns your life into a role playing game where you play, well, yourself. It’s not new, it’s been around for at least a year. I downloaded it last year, but never started using it until recently. I’ve been using my physical notebook to keep track of things I needed to do, so I didn’t see the need to split or duplicate my tasks then.

I’m not sure why I actually started using it. Perhaps I was just bored. I still keep my notebook as a todo list, but I’ve started tracking my habits and using the HabitRPG Wiki to figure stuff out. If you’re a noob, like me, then you really should use the wiki, because there’s a lot of useful tips and tricks and also because I don’t feel it’s intuitive enough. For example, I didn’t know how to delete habits in the previous versions, which is why I didn’t start using it the moment I downloaded it.

The app came with a couple of stock habits (I can’t remember what) that I wanted to delete because I like starting with a clean slate. It was only in one of their updates did I find out you could swipe to bring up the delete option and I felt like a fool. But it seems I wasn’t the only one; the makers of HabitRPG added in a specific and more obvious button to delete habits because their users (i.e. me) weren’t finding the swipe feature.

I’ve played around with the app for slightly over a month now and I still don’t find it intuitive. It’s appealing as a habit tracker and time management tool, but I don’t really get the RPG feel of it. Sometimes, whenever you complete a habit, you can find things like food and potions. Sometimes you’ll get an egg, which can be hatched into a pet, which can then be fed with food until it grows into a mount. I don’t know if the pets/mounts serve any purpose other than for collecting and making your avatar look awesome. I did find out that you had to feed food that’s the same colour as your pet though. Well, you can feed your pet any edible thing you have, but if you feed it something that corresponds to it’s colour, it will grow faster.

The wiki also taught me how to use markup language to create titles to section off my habits, and this is what I’ve got so far.

01 Habits Part 1

02 Habits Part 2

Habits are directional, meaning they can be positive or negative. Being my OCD self, I arranged them in alphabetical order, starting with negative habits. Some habits are mono-directional (only good or only bad) or multi-directional (good if you do it, bad if you don’t).

Sometimes the dinner that is given to us by SAF while we’re on duty is either horrible or too little, so we have to order in. SAF says they spend about $5 per meal for us; I say give us the cash, we’ll order our own food. My usual order is exactly $5 anyway and it comes nice and hot. This habit is currently my only multi-directional habit for now. It’s good if I eat the SAF dinner because I save money, but bad if I don’t because it means I’ll order in and spend money. Having ice cream and milkshakes are self-explanatory, since they’re purely for enjoyment and resisting the urge to eat these treats don’t result in any immediate positive outcome.

The rest of my habits are mono-directional because there’s no direct flip side to not doing the habit.

I need to get back my pull-up strength again, so I’m doing my best to do 20 cumulative pull-ups a day. Well, cumulative in one session, not throughout the day; that would be lame. It’s a quick exercise I can do outside of camp as well, when I come back home from an outing or meal. I recently started doing the 7-minute workout as well (another app) and I quite like it. It’s high intensity interval training (HIIT) and after I did the first session, I actually felt a slight ache in my muscles over the next day, which was good. So far, I’m only doing one 7-minute block each session, but I’ll probably increase it as my fitness level goes up.

The good thing about the app is that it doesn’t lie to you, like some commanders in the SAF do. Ten seconds is really ten seconds in the app, not ten seconds per person. “One more set” is really just one more set, whether or not it’s up to the commander’s standards.

Okay, I’m venting. *breathe breathe*

Due to my asthma, I still can’t run for long periods of time. I can do short one to two km bursts, but that’s about it. I’ve also lost a lot of my stamina because of this. I don’t do parkour as often as I used to, but I’m still keeping up with my tricking, like kicks and handstands.

Since I started this blog, I’ve lost a lot of my fire. I still like writing, just not as much as I used to. Putting it down as a habit gives me a little more motivation to write, although the thought of missing a day is enough to keep me writing more for now (more on this next post). Also, +1 for me for finishing this post XD

The last habit I have is actually a learning session. I’m learning how to do iOS app programming, since my mentor Mr Sim passed me his old Macbook Air. They’re video chapters, and very step-by-step, which is what I need in order to learn. I like this way of learning; copying someone who knows what their doing before eventually understanding enough to make my own adjustments.

There are more functions to the app, but I don’t really understand a lot of it and I don’t plan to use many of those features either. I feel that the app is more tool than game, but maybe that’s a beginner’s bias. I’d like more game features, like actively fighting monsters, having mini games, or even moving around in a game world, but perhaps that might defeat the point of the app.



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