The Masketeers

For the past half year, most of my Sunday mornings (including yesterday) have been spent in a dance studio at Tampines Central CC. Why? Because we started a dance group called The Masketeers. We even have a Facebook page and Youtube channel. My friends Lisa and Michelle started the group and I was the third member. Back then, we didn’t have a name yet, we were just learning Kpop dances for the fun of it.

The first dance we learnt was Mr Chu by Apink. After my brother Mitchell joined us, we finally did our first dance cover in October last year, which was edited together by said brother. We wanted to incorporate something unique into our dance videos and we found cheap masks at Daiso, so that was how we got our name.

We also recently finished our second cover, Roly Poly by T-ara.

To say the least, we’re very new to this. None of us have any dance background, we’re just doing it for fun. Personally, Kpop isn’t my style and I think our dances are all cringe worthy, but it’s good, fun exercise. Besides, I get to hang out with my friends and that’s what I look forward to. There might be better ways to spend a Sunday morning, but seeing as most people would rather sleep it away, this definitely trumps it.



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