Carly Rae Jepsen – I Really Like You

I heard this song on the radio last week and was so completely smitten that I had to find it on YouTube the moment I got home and kept it on replay for a while. I really can’t put into words how much I love this song right now! But I can show a picture of what I’m feeling:

01 Excited Fangirl

It’s fun, cutesy, has a sweet dance beat you can groove to and a super catchy chorus that you learn immediately the first time you hear it.

Typical CRJ.

Not that I’m complaining 😀 IT’S AWESOME!

I remember her hits with similar song styles; Call Me Maybe, I’m look at you. You really can’t listen to Call Me Maybe and I Really Like You without tapping your foot or humming along or swaying your body or at least having a goofy smile spread over your face.

It’s freaking infectious.

Some of my other CRJ favourites include This Kiss and Tonight I’m Getting Over You. If you notice, all the songs I’ve mentioned were about romantic relationships, which speak to me. I’m a sucker for anything romantic, and doubly so when you can dance to it. She really hits the nail on the head with I Really Like You, perfectly capturing the moment when you’re crushing on someone but you don’t know if/how/when to tell them.

It also helps that she has that really cute innocent girl-next-door thing going on. Heh XD

This also brings back memories from when I was in Japan for my internship. CRJ had done a collaboration with Owl City and made a song called Good Time. I kept playing this over and over and it helped get me through the loneliness I felt while I was there. *sigh blissfully*

While I was on YouTube, I found this reaction video that was hilarious and, well, just watch.

He says everything I want to say about this song and he does it a lot more fabulously than I would have done. 😀

I so can’t wait for her music video to come out! Once I learn all the lyrics, this will be my go-to non-rap shower song.



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