Nothing Gold Can Stay

This rant is with reference to The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 10

You know what? Screw you, Alex Berger, the guy who wrote the story for this episode. You’ve torn a giant hole inside my heart and crushed all my feelings. I’m half pissed at you and yet I’m half in awe of your audacity and brilliance at making points.

Okay, killing off Vega made a very good point for the Jane-Lisbon story arc, but having that happen almost immediately after Wylie finally plucks up the courage to ask her out? That’s just brutal. Poor kid is never going to be the same again. I can understand the “life is short”/”life is unfair” message, but couldn’t you have made Vega seriously injured so that Wylie could completely confess his feelings to her and say goodbye before she died? You didn’t let him get any closure. You didn’t even show him going through the stages of grief. Okay, maybe that could be explained by Wylie being in a state of shock, but there’s not much story left to explore his feelings. It was one of the most dissatisfying episodes ever.

I was very happy with the direction of season six and seven, after Jane got his revenge on Red John. It was all fun and brilliant and charming and I learnt a lot of things. Then I watched this I felt like the rug got pulled out from under the legs of my heart. Good job, you kept me on the edge of my seat, even when Vega was dead in the hospital bed. I just couldn’t believe she’d be killed off.

When I saw she was shot, I was so sure that she’d only just be grievously injured, that the revenge story for Cho could still play out with the same intensity, that the heartbreak for Wylie could still be shown and felt with the same level of sympathy. I was even able to see how it played to the Jane-can’t-lose-Lisbon plot too.

I was wrong. The level of emotional hurt I sustained was way more than I’d anticipated.

So kudos to you for writing this utterly heart-wrenching story and screw you for making a grown man cry.



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