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Ingress – CNY Mini-Series and Mystic @Haw Par Villa Mission Series

Back again with a new mission series less than a month after the last one. The way I use my mobile data only lets me do one major mission series a month, which suits me well XD

Anyway, I made new friends! After finally fixing all the broken links as a result from my blog split, a couple of happy Enlightened players contacted me and one of them (Andrew | floodplug) invited me to his group to do this mission series last Saturday.

I’m very honoured to receive all this recognition and appreciation. 🙂

Before the actual mission notes, here’s a short part on the “CNY mission mini-series” my dad and I did to create a separator (Dad likes a line of six missions to separate the large pictures).

01 CNY Series

Mini-series mission notes:
– All missions are made up of four hacking waypoints in any order
– All missions are clustered in the Tampines Central Park, so it takes less than half an hour to hack everything
– You might want to prepare some multi-hacks and heat sinks, because all the portals in the are make it very tempting to farm and very confusing at the same time. Sometimes I forgot which portal I already hacked
– I suggest you only hack the portals on the missions first, then once you’re done you can go bananas

Okay it’s not actually a proper mission series. Each mission gives a picture of a Chinese character on a red background. Since I can’t read Chinese, I have no idea what each character means. Apparently there were supposed to be eight missions, so perhaps they were meant to be two sets of four-character idiom-type things. Only seven were approved, so pick any six Chinese character missions to create your separator.

02 CNY Row Complete

Now that that’s out of the way, I can dive into the Mystic @Haw Par Villa (hereafter referred to as HPV) mission series notes and report. Created by Resistance player Halette, here’s what the entire mission series looks like. It’s a Kirin! A flying dragon horse thing that’s on fire. SO MUCH BADASS! Halette might have chosen the wrong side, but she chose a really awesome picture.

03 HPV Kirin

Mission Series notes:
– Consists of 24 missions, and mostly hacking and capture/upgrade waypoints
– All mission waypoints can be completed in any order
– Mission series starts at Exit A of Haw Par Villa MRT station and ends at a Korean restaurant just across road from the starting point.
– The last two missions contain passphrase waypoints, so details on the questions and answers will be shown later.
– Even with the passphrase waypoints, we completed the whole mission series in about an hour
– I recommend you go in the morning (9am, like what we did), or in the late afternoon (5-6pm). You can’t do it at night because HPV has opening hours of 9am-7pm daily. Free entry, but I think you’ll get kicked out by the wardens if you stay beyond the opening hours. Besides, HPV contains depictions of Hell, so going in after dark would be super creepy.

04 HPV Opening Hours

SPOILER ALERT: Answers to all passphrase waypoints will be shown below. Turn back now if you don’t want to know.

So Andrew had invited to me to join him and a few other players for this mission series. I met him first at NUH Burger King for breakfast and we talked for a quite a bit. I found out he loves puns so now I have a new best friend XD

After breakfast, we headed down one stop to Haw Par Villa station and met Jwei (jwei_jwei), an Enlightened agent from the West. Two other Enlightened players Derek (ShagGamer) and Jeremy (Skulldaeron) were supposed to join us at 9am, but they were late, so the three of us set off first to claim all the unique caps we could. 😛

We had a good time racing each other to capture portals and complete the mission, as well as explore Haw Par Villa. I haven’t been there since… Hmmm I do remember going once before, but I was very young. Can’t remember if it was on a school trip or one of those family and friends outings Mum used to organize.

As I mentioned in the mission notes above, the first 22 missions consisted only of hacking and capture/upgrade portal waypoints. The last two missions had some passphrase waypoints, so here are the questions and answers.

05 Mission #23

06 Passphrase #1

07 Answer #1

08 Passphrase #2

09 Answer #2

10 Passphrase #3

11 Answer #3

12 Mission #24

13 Passphrase #1

14 Answer #1

15 Passphrase #2

16 Answer #2

17 Passphrase #3

18 Answer #3

19 Passphrase #4

20 Answer #4

And when I finished it…
21 Mission Complete

At about mission #5, there was a section of HPV that was roped off and we thought we’d have to climb over to ropes to get to the next waypoint. I was like, we’re going to hell for this – oh wait, we’re already here!

We had quite a few hilarious moments, like when Andrew said “Ingress: taking you to interesting places only for you to stare at your phone”. Then after the mission when we went to have lunch/brunch at Vivo, all of us were staring at our mobiles hacking whatever portals we happened to drift over and I said “Ingress: Making people be anti-social together!”

I finally met Derek while he was on mission #7 and I was doing #18, so note the overlap of waypoints. I also met Jeremy only after we finished the whole mission. We took a group picture together with the Haw Par Villa sign.

22 Group Pic (Original)
Left to right: Me, Derek, Jwei, Jeremy and Andrew

I sent the original to the Telegram group, and I got “scolded” because the picture wasn’t sharp. I said I was a writer, not a photographer, so John (FortMax) edited it for me.

23 Group Pic (Edited)


End of an Era

I don’t want to do this any more. Blog consistently, I mean.

There are a lot of reasons why I’m stopping, but I guess the simplest and truest reason is because I just don’t feel that it matters to anyone else but me. I like writing, but I would like some support and appreciation, at least for the posts that I do for other people, like the birthday stories or Ingress mission lists. Somehow, I don’t feel the urge to write any more. It’s simmered down. Like, I could still write posts if I really forced myself to, but I’d have to really force myself to. I realized that out of the four motivation types, I’m not an Upholder like I thought I was.

I’m an Obliger.

Like, holy freaking shit. I respond “better” to external stimuli, than internal goals. I say “better” because I’m not necessarily happy, but I get the job done because I have a deadline. On the flip side, I’m happy doing things for myself, but I tend to push them off or leave them hanging because I have the authority to do so. Productive stuff I do for myself shifts priorities very easily and that’s a bad habit I need to change.

It’s not like I’m quitting forever. I just don’t want to stick to the three posts a week thing any more. This post has been sitting in draft form for almost two months now and I only just decided to finish it today. I settled on a solution that I’ve been implementing over my two month break: have two blogs.

Part of the reason why I didn’t want to write was because there were some stories I didn’t want to share with the world. I mean, I regret nothing I’ve said online and I’m prepared to see everything I’ve written and posted on the Internet to come out in print, but why make it easy, y’know?

So now my two blogs are split into thejacetan and this one, punslingerofthemildjest. I spent my time filtering all my past posts and re-uploading photos to the correct blogs.

Thejacetan is a private blog, purely for myself to reminisce and relearn lessons I’ve forgotten. Also, it will contain some private, embarrassing stories about my life, but ultimately inconsequential to the world. As of now, there’s only one person whom I’ve granted reading rights.

I’ve decided that the punslinger blog will be my public face. Stuff I want the world to see. Like my works of fiction, epiphanies I have, guides and strategies (especially for Ingress missions), and overall how-tos, tips and tricks and life hacks. Remember GEMS? I decided to tweak it a bit. Now it’s Games, Epiphanies, Methods and Stories, although I haven’t figured out how to make WordPress display those tabs in that order yet.

Quick story on how I got the name. I love puns. As all my friends will attest to, I’m wonderfully witty at wordplay or horrendously hopeless at humour, depending on which friends you ask. Anyhow, one of my closest friends Mark called me a “Punslinger of the Wild West” and I was like, don’t you mean Punslinger of the Mild Jest? And he was like, that’s so bad it’s actually good. And that was how the title was born.

Thank you, Mark.