Ingress – Drama

Last Saturday morning, I was training at Bukit Timah Hill with a few friends from Ingress for the Goruck event and there was some drama from the Resistance.

Our team met at 7am and walked to the starting point of the hill, with each person carrying a load of around 9kg. While we waited at the foot of the hill for our last member, I was happily hacked and blasted away at the Resistance’s web of links. It was so satifying to destroy two of their portals which each had a SoftBank Ultra Link, supporting about 23 links in total, I think.

Anyway, about an hour plus into our training, I got called out in the Ingress Comm section by the owner of the portals I destroyed.


Like, whaaaat??? That’s kinda mean-spirited, rude and obviously a butt-hurt reaction to me poking a hole in his link web. I showed my fellow Enlightened Ruckers and they all had similar reactions. This was just after we finished the three sets of going up and down the steep part of the hill, climbing all the way to the summit via the stairs on the third run. We were just about to start our physical training, so I put away my phone after I showed them.

After the training, I decided to punch more holes in the Resistance web out of spite, then tagged bluwarrior back in the comms.

02 Drama

Yeah okay, I’m a childish, petty person. But he started it! *throws a tantrum*

My response about training for two hours was pretty funny, if I do say so myself. But I wasn’t satisfied. I was riled up, pumped with leftover adrenaline and itching for a fight. So I poked the bear. And this was his response.

03 Drama

Like I said, Pokemon Go came out, so we all lost interest in Ingress. Just FYI, Bukit Timah hill has a ton of Eevee and Clefairies. Nearby, Beauty World has Pikachu, Vulpix and Ryhorn, though they’re still fairly rare. You’re welcome.

Back to the main story. Okay, I admit, I don’t personally know who bluwarrior is or what he looks like, but the opportunity to return fire was too good to pass up. To be honest, I don’t know who PathToNowhere is either, but I’m glad a fellow Enlightened Agent came to my defense, which just goes to show how supportive we Enlightened as a community are, unlike the unfriendly – almost militarian – Resistance. Guys, come on, haven’t we had enough of Singapore’s crap army system?

Side note: PathToNowhere seems to be a portmanteau of two cards from Magic: the Gathering (MTG), named Path to Exile and Journey to Nowhere. Both cards are white and do similar things: They exile a creature. Of course, it’s entirely possible that the handle PathToNowhere holds it’s own significance to its user, but it’s a curious little coincidence.

04 Drama


bluwarrior: “You want to challenge a guy three times your age?”

And our replies:

05 Drama

I don’t know how old the other two are, but I’m 23, so I tripled it to 69. Heh, 69 XD

Sadly, he didn’t respond, so that was the end of my fun. But for my last jibe, I took over his church with a JARVIS Virus.

Disclaimer to the Resistance: This burn post is targeted at bluwarrior. I’m sure there many of you nice agents out there. He just isn’t one of you. Sorry for any smack talk, we are opposing teams after all XD

Here’s proof that we made it to the summit.

08 Drama


3 thoughts on “Ingress – Drama

  1. spaiduhz

    Well, good work getting up the hill. I find the entrance fee for Goruck to be criminal, but to each their own I guess.

    Some stuff I would like to add. May seem nit-picking to you, be forewarned.

    1. A Jarvis virus turns a resistance portal to an Enlightened portal.
    2. Bluwarrior is not exaggerating about his age.
    3. Oh, PathToNowhere… I’ll not begin lest a simple reply would turn into an essay.

    Well as fun as some might find Pokemon Go, I believe unless gameplay improves drastically, ingress will continue to be the superior game. I hope to see more mission art reviews. Heck, I would like to see a write up of the legendary Merlion mission art above all else. 😄


    1. Jace Tan Post author

      Hahhaha thanks! Yeah the entrance fee is a bitch and it’s the reason why I’m not joining unless I get sponsored by some kind soul. I just want to train together.

      In response to the points you mentioned and your 1.1 update:
      1. I know a Jarvis virus converts a Resistance portal to Enlightened and that’s what I said and meant in my post. I’m not sure what your point is other than I would have benefited a lot more from just straight up destroying it. And here’s why I didn’t do that:
      -I was alone by that time. I was in a hurry and broke off from the group the moment we finished training. They played Pokemon so I bid them adieu and left first.
      -I was pressed for time so I couldn’t take it down myself.
      -I just wanted to use a Jarvis virus cuz I have so many and I don’t normally use it anyway.
      -Also I wanted to say I took over his church.

      2. He’s really that old? Like, grandpa age??? Wow I’d have expected someone his age to ACT HIS AGE and be a bit more tactful, if not respectful. Oh well, what are you gonna do about grumpy old men eh? That’s why I don’t respect my elders just because they’re elder. I actually did a short FB rant on that topic, maybe I should turn it into a full WP article XD

      3. Hahahaha seems like PathToNowhere has made a name for himself XD

      Thanks for you reply! I kinda half quit Ingress before Goruck pulled me back in again, that’s why I stopped doing the mission reviews. Busy with my new job, new girlfriend and other games. But if I ever do the Merlion mission I definitely would make a mission guide. I’m one of the mission creators. 🙂


  2. spaiduhz

    Ugh can’t edit a reply before it’s moderated, so I’m going to do a post script here instead.

    1.1 –
    I would have just destroyed the portal instead of using a virus if I was you. More points given, and frankly it leaves behind a stronger impression rather than using a flip card. And having 5 of you in the photo? I’m sure you have sufficient munitions between all of you to take out one portal, eh?



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