Monthly Archives: December 2016

Sweet Justice

To say it’s been a while since my last post would be an understatement. I know, I know, I’ve been completely lazy and not writing anything anymore, but I think writing this post has just reignited my fire to write again, although probably not as consistently as before.

Anyway, the main topic: Social Justice! … or at least, I think so.

I’ve been using Carousell for quite a while now and I’ve joined several groups to promote my listings (aka getting rid of my stuff quicker XD). Two of the groups I’ve joined are Kickstarter related, so that I could sell my extra Baubax Jackets and Helix Cuffs. I also found some people to share the Vue Smart Glasses with, but that’s a different story.

When I first joined the group, I noticed that there were many non-Kickstarter listings and I was quite annoyed. So about a week ago, I sent a message to the admin of both groups (who turned out to be the same guy) requesting that he (or the moderators) clean up the group, or grant me moderator status to clean up the group for them. To my surprise, he agreed to make me a moderator and said he’ll get someone to start the process.

So I waited. This morning I was going through the group again and got annoyed, so I started messaging people on the group who had listings that clearly did not contain Kickstarter products, asking them to take down their listings from the group. Most were cooperative, but there was one guy who was quite resistant and I want to highlight him.

Here are the screenshots of our conversation.


Clearly he has no respect for rules, so I have intentionally showed his username here. I just replied that I’d report his listing, since that was the only thing I can do as a normal group member. At the same time, I sent a message to the group admin asking about the progress to make me a moderator, and about 20mins later, he granted me moderator status.

AWWW YISSS NOW I’M A MODERATOR! My first act as a new moderator was to talk to fuzifuzion again:


FEEL THE BURN! Oh it felt SOOO sweet to shove my moderator-ness in his face. Petty revenge? Probably. But oh I was so drunk on power. From then til lunchtime, I was happily deleting listings that had clearly non-Kickstarter stuff, like services and second-hand clothes. I managed to delete so much nonsense that I condensed three pages worth of listings into just one. That means there was about 67% garbage listings!

Now the groups are all tidied up and I will enthusiastically enforce the rules, just because I can.

So do you think I’m a social justice warrior, or petty tiny tyrant?