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Entitled Buyer

I recently had (yet another) bad experience with a Carousell user.

He seemed to be a genuine potential buyer at first. Pleasant, friendly and asking the right questions that a real interested party would be asking. But after a while he just left me hanging and when I prompted a reply, the situation blew up.

His Carousell name is williamng95 and he had shown interest in purchasing one of the extra Helix Cuffs I was selling.

Screenshots as evidence will all be posted at the end of this post. I’m not the only one to have a bad experience with him and I’ve highlighted those in screenshots at the end of my post as well.

The following is a transcript of our conversation so that it’s easier to read. You can check my words against the screenshots if you want. His words are in red, mine are in blue and I have added in my thoughts and comments in black.

Jan 28 4.25pm I’m interested!
Jan 28 4.25pm Can I see more photos? Of the black one with black
Jan 28 4.25pm Black with black embe
Jan 28 4.33pm Hello! Thanks for your interest. I’m not sure how extra photos will help though. The ones I’m selling are all wrapped in their cellophane wrap. I’ll send you pictures of the box of the black on black one when I get home tonight
Jan 28 4.36pm Sure
Jan 28 4.36pm I want to see
Jan 28 4.37pm Silver with black cuff emb and black cuff with black emebq
Jan 28 4.37pm Embe*
Jan 28 4.48pm Okie dokie 🙂 Will get those pics to you tonight. Probably around 10/11pm depending on what time I get home
Jan 28 4.49pm Sure no problem
Jan 28 4.52pm Happy new year btw
Jan 28, 4.53pm Hahah happy lunar new year bro

Jan 28, 6.30pm Hey man I just got back home for a short while. Here are the pics of the boxes.
Jan 28, 6.30pm *pic of boxes from the top*
Jan 28, 6.30pm *pic of boxes from the bottom*
Jan 28, 6.31pm As you can tell there really isn’t much to see
Jan 28, 6.31pm *pic of Black Cuff with Black Embellishments from the Ashley Chloe website*
Jan 28, 6.32pm This is what the black on black looks like from their website
Jan 28, 6.32pm *pic of Black Cuff with Silver Embellishments from the Ashley Chloe website*
Jan 28, 6.32pm Here’s the Silver on Black one. You can also see my Silver on Black cuff in this listing’s second picture

Jan 28, 7.15pm Which one nicer
Jan 28, 7.16pm Silver on black or black on. Black
Jan 28, 7.22pm Haha well I’d say the Black on Black. I chose silver on black at first because I liked the shine when it gleams in light. But after wearing it for a while now I think the black on black is nicer cuz it hides scratches and fingerprints. The silver on black requires more maintenance so it really depends if you’re willing to clean it every so often or like me are super lazy XD
Jan 28, 7.48pm Okay
Jan 28, 7.48pm I’ve decided
Jan 28, 7.52pm I get the
Jan 28, 7.54pm Black on black
Jan 28, 7.57pm Offered S$150
Jan 28, 7.57pm Please accept my offer to exchange feedback later 🙂
Jan 28, 8.01pm Excellent choice. When would you prefer to deal? I can deal at Boon Keng MRT anytime before 6pm on weekdays cuz I work near there. I can also meet up in Town area (See the meetup options in the listing) or in the East.
Jan 28, 8.01pm Accepted offer S$150
Jan 28, 8.01pm Can deal after CNY?
Jan 28, 8.02pm And able to check on spot and test ?
Jan 28, 8.02pm Sure. What days are you looking at tentatively? Like, date range, weekdays or weekends, etc?
Jan 28, 8.03pm Weekdays like wed or Thursday
Jan 28, 8.03pm Wonderful I stay near boon Keng so can deal there
Jan 28, 8.04pm This
Jan 28, 8.04pm I can help you set it up and Bluetooth it to your phone, but once it’s opened I can’t refund you cuz I won’t be able to resell it once it’s opened. It’s a new  product and I’m not a reseller. I just got them cheaper in bulk
Jan 28, 8.04pm Yes I know
Jan 28, 8.05pm (:
Jan 28, 8.05pm Yeap Wed or Thurs is fine. Anytime also can. My work I flexible so just give me 15mins to walk over to the station
Jan 28, 8.05pm But it’s working right no spoiled etc or got problem
Jan 28, 8.05pm Kk
Jan 28, 8.05pm My work is* flexible
Jan 28, 8.06pm Kk
Jan 28, 8.06pm Cool I’ll reserve the black on black for you first. See you after CNY 🙂
Jan 28, 8.06pm It’s fully working no problem right ?
Jan 28, 8.07pm Yeap. I took mine out of the box and it worked immediately
Jan 28, 8.07pm Just follow the instructions on the paper
Jan 28, 8.07pm Okay see you (:
Jan 28, 8.07pm I’ll show you how to take out and put back also
Jan 28, 8.07pm Okay
Jan 28, 8.08pm A bit fiddly, but you get used to it. Plus the coolness factor is awesome when you show off to your friends XD
Jan 28, 8.42pm Yep haha can use as fashion accessories

Jan 28, 11.04pm Hello I got one last request
Jan 28, 11.04pm Can u wear the silver on your hand and take pic ? And make it brighter
Jan 28, 11.07pm *pic with my Black Cuff with Silver Embellishments on my wrist*
Jan 28, 11.07pm How’s this?
Jan 28, 11.12pm Can take from a further angler
Jan 28, 11.12pm The whole thing
Jan 28, 11.13pm Oh okay hang on
Jan 28, 11.13pm *pic with my Black Cuff with Silver Embellishments on my wrist but further away*
Jan 28, 11.13pm *same pic but changed my wrist angle a little*
Jan 28, 11.25pm The black one
Jan 28, 11.25pm Also have the silver thing right but it’s in dark colour ?
Jan 28, 11.26pm Yeah. It’s more matt black I think, so it doesn’t reflect or sparkle in light. I haven’t actually seen it in real life.
Jan 29, 12.10am Okay black black for me

Jan 31, 10.00pm Hey man would you like confirm a day and time? You said either Wed or Thurs, so can you confirm which one yet so I can pack it into my bag now? (This was Tuesday night and by the time he replied I was already asleep)
Jan 31, 11.42pm Hey man after Chinese New Year I need to check my timing first
Jan 31, 11.43pm Will most likely be available next week my sed is quite pack tho will confirm on Tuesday or wed. Who the heck uses “sed” to mean “schedule”? But then again, what did I expect from someone who doesn’t put in as much effort as I do into communicating clearly?

Feb 01, 6.55am Oh after CNY as in after the 15days? Lol you didn’t give a date or date range so I interpreted it as after the CNY festivities of reunion dinner and visiting. Okay sure np I’ll ask again next Tues then 🙂 At this point I’m already mildly annoyed so I gave a slight jab at him when I said he didn’t give a date or date range. But still, fair enough, I was willing to wait another week.

Two days later
Feb 03, 6.19pm Yes sorry for late reply
Feb 03, 6.19pm Was really bisy
Feb 03, 6.19pm Busy*
Feb 03, 7.29pm Yeah np man, you have your priorities. Oh just to let you know I won’t be available on Thursday cuz I’ll be taking leave for a whole day thing. I’m still available to meet at Boon Keng Station any other weekday next week, anytime during the day.

Feb 07, 7.59am Hey bro is your schedule fixed yet? Ready to set a time to meet this Wednesday (tomorrow)? I’m not available on Thursday as I have a whole day event to attend.
Feb 07, 8.00am Best time for me would be 5pm cuz then I can leave immediately after I finish showing you the intricacies of the cuff

No reply the whole day. If you scroll up, you’ll see that on 31st Jan he said that he said he’d be available the following week, and that he’d confirm on Tuesday or wed (which is 7th or 8th Feb).
Feb 07, 9.35pm Hey man I need a confirmation by tonight so that I can pack the Helix Cuff into my bag.
Feb 07, 9.36pm I need check my sed tomorrow first

Five days later
Feb 12, 10.13pm Hi william, would you like to fix a date and time to meet this week?

No reply. Now I got really pissed and decided that I didn’t care if the deal went through or not. So on Monday night, nearly 24 hours after I sent the last prompt (which is the standard period of time I allow for a person to reply).
Feb 13, 9.29pm William I need a reply. I have tried multiple times to arrange a meetup with you but you never seem to get back to me. You will have 24hours to reply, starting from now, else I will report you.

Now things get interesting. After I sent a threat, he replied just three minutes later.
Feb 13, 9.32pm Hey sorry I’m. Busy
Feb 13, 9.32pm People busy you want to report ?
Feb 13, 9.32pm If your being this rude I won’t get from you .
Woah woah woah hold up. First of all, I had no issues if he was really busy. What I did have an issue with was his lack of response and that was what I’d threatened him about. Even if he was really busy, how hard can it be to take two minutes to acknowledge a message? Actually, how hard is it to plan out something when you have a schedule? Even if some things are up in the air, he ought to know when the next time would be that he could make a decision, and he could PLAN FOR THAT. Just be like, I can’t make a decision yet, let me confirm some stuff and I’ll get back to you by tomorrow night. Don’t tell me he’s not a planner; he has a bloody “sed” that he keeps talking about.

On top of that, he threatened me back with backing out of the deal, which, by Carousell rules, you cannot do, especially after you’ve made and offer and both parties have agreed to it. Backing out of a deal is a REPORTABLE MISDEMEANOUR.

In addition, it’s not like he wasn’t active on Carousell. He’d completed a deal just two days prior to this and I know because the other party left him positive feedback and I checked the timestamp. So it’s not like he couldn’t reply to me and I said as much.

Also, he said “your” instead of “you’re”.

Feb 13, 9.34pm You complete a deal 2 days ago. The seller left feedback on you. Which means you were active. You didn’t follow up after you said you’d check your schedule. You couldn’t even reply to my message. I have to resort to threatening you with reporting then you reply.
Feb 13, 9.34pm You are threatening me now I can report you too. Hah! Please, go ahead. I have all the evidence I need to back me up.
Feb 13, 9.35pm Rude? After you’ve been so inconsiderate to not reply me and you call me rude? Such hypocrisy.
Feb 13, 9.36pm I said I’m busy can’t you read ?
Feb 13, 9.36pm Now your calling me hypocrisy ? Hypocrisy is a noun, not an adjective. #lern2ingleesh
Feb 13, 9.36pm This is how you treat you buyer ? You serious ? This is how you treat your seller? You serious? Also, you are not my buyer. You are a POTENTIAL buyer.
Feb 13, 9.37pm You’re not too busy to talk now are you? You’re talking to me right now. All I wanted was a response. You could have easily said Hey man I’ll get back to you in a few days time.
Feb 13, 9.54pm I said I will check my sed first means I will get back to you in few days Now this activated my full lawyer/sjw mode.
Feb 13, 10.01pm On 7th Feb you said you’d check your “sed” for tomorrow (8th Feb) but you never got back to me. Not even a message saying you couldn’t make it. I waited 5 days later on the 12th to ask you if you wanted to make plans to meet up, but again you didn’t reply until I threatened you nearly 24 hours later. So far I’ve been the one suggesting actual dates to meet up and you’ve been postponing. That’s alright, but you haven’t suggested any other dates. I’ve put in effort to meet your every request and query. Even when I was not at home I promised I would send you pictures by a stated time, and I followed through on that promise. On 31 Jan, you promised to confirm by the following week’s Tuesday or Wednesday (7th or 8th), and yet you didn’t confirm anything at all.
Feb 13, 10.01pm I said that means I will get back to you
Feb 13, 10.01pm When?
Feb 13, 10.02pm The sed one
Feb 13, 10.02pm Yeah, I’m asking when did you say you’d get back to me by?
Feb 13, 10.08pm There is a very simple fix for this situation. If you are still interested to get this, then state a date and time you’re next available. I will adjust my schedule to fit yours. If not, you can say you’re not interested anymore and we can part ways. Let’s see if we can finally get a firm answer out you.

It’s now Monday, 20th Feb that I’ve completed writing this. Almost a full week since this happened and he has not replied since. I will update this space if he does reply after I share this post when I leave him feedback.

In summary he was:

  • inconsiderate: Doesn’t reply in a timely manner.
  • unreliable: Doesn’t setup meetups. I was actively pushing for a meetup date/time.
  • a liar: Doesn’t keep his promises to get back to me after checking his “sed”, whereas I kept all of mine.
  • entitled: Thinks that just because he’s the buyer, I have to take all his crap lying down.
  • dishonourable: Didn’t end things properly when I gave him a chance to do so.

Update: I left him negative feedback and sent him a message after I posted this. As usual, screenshots are at the end of the post. I’ve updated the conversation section and added a new feedback section. I had to screenshot on my mobile because the text formatting on web was horrible.

Feb 20, 1.04pm I have given you almost a week to end things amicably, but you have chosen to choose the coward’s way out. I have left you negative feedback. Yes I know I said “chosen to choose” LOL.
Feb 20, 1.26pm I said i was busy
Feb 20, 1.26pm Which part of English can you not understand.
Feb 20, 1.34pm I understand English perfectly. But I think you don’t. I stated very clearly multiple times in my messages and in my post that I have no issue with your busy schedule. I do have an issue with your unreasonable slow replies. No one is too busy to reply and you have even demonstrated that by replying now, which only proves my point.
Feb 20, 1.36pm I reply doesn’t mean I’m not busy
Feb 20, 1.36pm I Already told you once I found a suitable date I will buy
Feb 20, 1.46pm I am done wasting my time with you. I’ve got what I wanted. Have a nice life.

My feedback on him Based on my experience, this guy is an inconsiderate, unreliable, entitled and dishonourable liar. Full story here (with screenshots)
His reply to my feedback Tried to threaten me because I was busy never reply , some more call me a hypocrite because I did not reply

His feedback on me Tried to threaten me because I was busy and never reply
My reply to his feedback I didn’t “try” to threaten you. I outright threatened you and I was completely justified in doing so. The full story (complete with screenshots) is here at

Screenshot evidence, as promised.

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