Ingress Mission List

This is a list of the mission series that I’ve done. The goal is to build this up into a comprehensive list of mission series, as well as document any tips or things a player should know before doing the missions.

List is organized in alphabetical order

Gardens by the Bay (GBTB) – 24 Missions (Completed 25th Jul 2015)
Land of Earth/Fire/Iron/Lightning/Water/Wind – 6 Missions (Completed 22nd Mar 2015)
Mystic @Haw Par Villa – 24 Missions (Completed 15th Aug 2015)
Perdition’s Road – 18 Missions (Completed 4th Apr 2015)
Uniquely Singapore – 18 Missions (Completed 31st Jan 2015)
You Mad Bro? – 18 Missions (Completed 2nd May 2015)

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