Me, Myself and I

My name is Jace. It’s not my real name, but a name I’ve given myself. I adopted it from a charater in Magic: The Gathering whom I admire a lot and aspire to be.

No, I’m not going to reveal my real name here. I can’t stop those who already know it, but I can control my blog.

And I really like puns.


22 thoughts on “Me, Myself and I

    1. Jace Tan

      Oh wow I just read that. Thanks a lot! I’ll do this when I get home tonight. Probably gonna put my own twist on it as well *conspiratorial wink*


  1. Kai

    Hi, I have been posted to clementi camp as a security trooper just like you. I am absolutely clueless about what to bring and what to expect.. May I know if we are required to bring the duffel bags with us when we book in to the camp for the first time? Thanks.


      1. Jace Tan

        Huh? Wait are you already an ST? I thought you were asking about the combat course XD

        Umm I don’t know how Clementi Camp’s guardroom operates, but I’m in SAFMU beside PLAB, and I’m doing 2 days on 2 days off.

        I just brought my ilbv, helmet, boots, beret, armband and rank, and left them all in the guardroom locker. Every shift I bring in and change a new set of socks, uniform, PT kit and admin attire.

        Pay depends on your rank. If you’re a combatant, you get the standard $100 extra for combat pay.


      2. Kai

        err no i just finished BMT LOL. i think i need to undergo the ST training first. what’s the difference between a combatant and non-combatant ST?


      3. Jace Tan

        Ah. Okay, I wasn’t sure XD

        I assume you’re going for the ST Combat Course, which means when you finish, you’ll exit as a Security Trooper (Combat). This means you’ll be holding a rifle (M16 or SAR21, depending on where you’re posted to) when you do sentry or prowling duties. The non-combatants are called Security Trooper (Service) or just Service Troopers. They don’t carry arms, but use a baton and shield instead. These are the people who fall out of the combat course, or are otherwise unable to carry arms (I.e. Low pes, injuries, etc)

        I highly recommend you complete the training as a combatant, partly because it was a lot of fun, but also because of the extra $100.

        Welcome to the best way to spend your NS life! And I ain’t even being sarcastic 🙂


      4. Jace Tan

        Au contraire! I really appreciate the amount of free time I have. Can you imagine unit life, locked in camp for 5, maybe 6 days a week, doing boring army stuff?

        During my off days, I plan a lot of activities, such as outings with my friends and personal projects. Actually now I’m learning how to drive. Just got my PDL 5 days ago XD

        Off days on weekdays also means you can get non-peak rates on stuff like movies, and enjoy places like ECP without crowds.

        Inside camp, on my off hours, I get to watch a lot of shows. We have a TV and game consoles. Plenty of board games. My camp also has a ping pong table so we sometimes play on the weekends.

        It’s very hard to be bored XD


      5. Jace Tan

        Depends. For a normal working day, it’s 2 – 2.5 hours of Sentry duty, 2 – 2.5 hours of Pass Office/Escort duties, then 3 or 5 hours of Night duty, depending on which slot I take. So probably about 7-10 hours a day.

        I can’t say if that’s the same for the other camps though.


    1. Kai

      oh cause the posting order stated that we aren’t allowed to bring camera phones. Anw, thanks alot! you’ve really helped alot and now i feel more prepared!


      1. Jace Tan

        Ah yes, mine said that too. But Clementi Camp is a green zone now and, as usual, SAF is slow to update. Just know that your phone is subject to searches, so make sure you don’t have any illegal stuff on there. Even if your girlfriend sent you nude pics (you lucky bastard!), it’s considered contraband and you can be sent to DB, so back up your phone on your computer and delete the images.


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