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Don’t be a Hiro

After the kicking session last Saturday, Mark and Tomo brought me to a place called The Original Little Hiro for lunch, formerly known as The Burger Shack. It’s a 7-10 minute walk from Botanic Gardens MRT station, along Bukit Timah road. It’s small but it wasn’t very crowded and it was mostly just Hwa Chong students.

I ordered a Chicken Karaage Ramen Burger which cost me $9.90 and I added $2.80 to make it a meal, which means to add on a soda and fries. This is what it looks like.

01 Ramen Burger

It’s really just two bundles of noodles fried on one side each. The fried noodles had an oily aftertaste (duh) that reminded me of hae mee, or fried prawn noodles. In between is a piece of fried chicken, lettuce and some egg mayo. The lettuce and egg mayo were exactly what I expected them to taste like, although I didn’t expect egg mayo at all, so that was a nice surprise. The fries weren’t bad, but they weren’t outstanding either. And I can’t complain about fried chicken. You can’t go wrong with fried chicken, unless you over or under cook it. This fried chicken was not horrible, but it doesn’t measure up against Mummy’s Honey Chicken.

02 Honey Chicken

Then again, nothing ever does, not even KFC.

But I don’t think it was worth that much. Perhaps it’s the novelty of the Ramen Burger. Heck, remember Rice Burgers from Mos Burger? I think Mos Burger still has those.

I would have been happy with just plain burger buns at a cheaper price, but since it was my first time there, I just followed what Tomo and Mark had ordered, only checking to make sure it was chicken. Out of the four choices of soda (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and 100+), I chose 100+ because we had just finished a very sweaty kicking session. While it was served with a cup of ice, the can itself wasn’t chilled, so it wasn’t very nice.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the meal on the whole; I just think that it was too expensive for me.