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Soylent is here!

It’s been seven months since I first ordered Soylent and it’s finally arrived, with a little help from my Aunt Katherine and Uncle Phillip, who stay in the US and helped me ship it over. The package actually came about two weeks ago, but I’ve been so busy that I hadn’t had time to open it until this morning.

This post will only show what came in the box, as well as some plans for it. I’ll do a full review and breakdown when I actually start to consume Soylent. So for now, enjoy the pictures!

01 Box
It was a lot bigger than I expected.

02 Box Opened
Contents of the box.

03 Soylent Boxes
The Soylent boxes.

Opened the small Soylent box first.

04 Small Box Contents
Contents of the small Soylent box – Pitcher and a measuring scoop

Opened the bigger Soylent box next.

05 Big Soylent Box Opened
Contents of the big Soylent box – Instruction manual and oil blends

06 Big Soylent Box Opened 2
Soylent packets below the oil blends

07 Big Soylent Box Contents
Big box contents all laid out – seven packets of Soylent powder, seven bottles of oil blend and the instruction manual.

At this point, I picked up the manual and read it. It wasn’t very long so I finished it quickly. I was quite tickled to see release notes, patch updates and a changelog, as if this was a software release in beta. Well, I guess it is in beta.

Anyway, I saw that the contents of the oil blend were changed. Now it comes from an algae instead of fish, so that means I can actually add it in. Previously, I’d already accepted the fact that I would just leave the oil blend out, since I didn’t want to risk an allergy attack. I’m allergic to fish.

08 Oil Blend (Front)
Oil blend bottle (Front)

09 Oil Blend (Back)
Oil blend bottle (Back)

10 Soylent Packet
Nutrition information on the Soylent packet.

Soylent is all fine and dandy, but I won’t be starting on it for now, so the thing I was most excited for was…