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Pitch Perfect 2


Stop now if you haven’t seen Pitch Perfect 2 and don’t want to be spoiled.

I watched Pitch Perfect 2 with my friend Song in the cinema on Monday. Why? Because Anna Kendrick is hot. We both loved the first Pitch Perfect, so we made a deal to watch the sequel together when it came out.

I preferred the first one. It was tighter, had more substance and the characters were more relatable. Anna Kendrick is just as hot in the second movie, but her character Becca was just weird. She was so different from the Becca in the first show. The plot of second show was a lot more messy, and there were a lot more cringe-worthy moments, starting with Fat Amy’s “big reveal” barely five minutes into the show.

Even the songs were weird, but that’s a matter of personal taste. I didn’t recognize or like most of the new songs in the show, although the final version of Emily’s Flashlight was quite nice. Not as catchy as Cups, but pleasant enough. Not enough to redeem the whole show though.

Okay, I’m rambling randomly. Let me systematically hit PP2.

Cringe-worthy moments
Like I mentioned earlier, there were a lot of cringe-worthy moments, a lot more than the first movie. Come to think of it, I can’t actually remember a single moment in Pitch Perfect off the top of my head right now (I re-watched the first movie the day before with my parents), whereas I can recall several from the second like:
-the opening performance (wayyy too many props and very unlike the Bellas)
-Fat Amy’s crotch reveal at said performance
-the performance at the old people’s place
-Every scene regarding Fat Amy’s and Bumper’s (very) forced and awkward romance
-Becca’s weird attraction to the DSM’s female leader
-DSM’s not very bright second-in-command
-the weird riff-off that felt like a rip-off of the original riff-off and which the host made me think of Balls of Fury

I could go on. I get that it’s a comedy/musical chick-flick, but the plot and character development could have used a lot of work.

Character Development
Becca – The first movie was about Becca and how she fit into the Barden Bellas and made them better. She kept to herself, but eventually became a natural leader. In the second movie, she spends most of her time interning at a record producing company, getting coffee and burritos for everyone else. It was so different! Even when she spent time at the radio station in the first movie, she kept actively trying to get her music on air. Not in the second movie. She just kept to herself until she spontaneously mashed up Christmas carols with Snoop Dogg and the boss had to ASK her for submissions. Also, Jesse could have been played up a lot more.

Chloe – Another major character shift here. Chloe was the voice of reason and encouragement to Aubrey’s controlling ambitiousness in the first film. Now she’s the one obsessed with winning? Another thing: How old is Chloe? How long has she been in Barden University? I’m assuming she was at least a third-year in an average four-year college course, and since PP2 took place three years later, Chloe has been at Barden Univeristy for SIX years. She also mentions she failed a subject several times just to stay in BU. Like, damn.

Emily – I’m not sure what was going on with Emily. The blossoming romance between her and Benji was sweet, but it could have been developed lot better. I would have liked to see less of Fat Amy-Bumper and more Emily-Benji. I felt like Emily should have been more of the focus of the show, but then again I guess it could be argued that it would have turned out to be like a Becca V2 (i.e. new member pops in, saves the group and makes it more awesome than it was before).

Overall Plot
I felt like there was too much going on with the show, right from the get-go. Their opening performance for the President of the United States was so bad, even I could tell. I mean, what happened? It was more of a circus act than an a capella performance.

The change in music style was very obvious as well. In the first film, there were a lot of memorable and recognizable songs. Sing-along-songs. In PP2, not so much. Maybe I’m not a music nut, but the number of songs I recognized and was able to sing along to is significantly greater than the number of songs I knew in the second movie.

DSM, the new antagonist, was also very… weird. Competitive I can understand, but downright mean and straight up rude was just overdoing it. They didn’t even have any wit. Their song style was also very military, with strong, rigid movements and sounds, but that’s only one angle. They had so much more diversity in the riff-off then in their performances. How could this have been Europe’s top a capella team?

I’m happy that Pentatonix made a cameo near the end, but it would have been fun to have them as an actual team in the show. Heck, they could have been the “villain” instead of DSM. It would’ve been so much more believable.

I must say I’m pretty disappointed with the whole show. It didn’t meet the expectations and the hype, and it lost its connection to its audience via relatable songs. It did have some cool new elements like a brief beatbox battle, an original song and bringing back generations of Bellas at the finals, but the rest… bleah. I hope they don’t make a third movie.

The first show was so much better, it was perfect.

Pitch perfect.


The Liebster Award

(If you’re one of the people I’ve nominated, welcome! My 11 questions for you are near the bottom of this post.) So I was just nominated by Holland for this award. Thanks so much! I guess; I don’t really know what it is or how it works. Time to consult my best friend: Google.

Ah. Okay. There are a lot of hits, but nothing actually explains what it is, just lots of posts by people who’ve received the award. Wait. Wikipedia. Okay so this is an award for bloggers by bloggers, globally recognized but not officially sanctioned by any one entity.

When I do something for fun, like blogging, I really don’t want to be competitive. It takes the fun out of it and adds pressure to do well. But this Liebster Award isn’t really a competition. It’s a more like a globally accepted chain letter. Okay, I guess it’s fun and harmless.

I found a nice post on the history and official rules, so now I understand it better. The one thing I couldn’t find was how I actually got the award. They keep using the word “nomination”, which technically doesn’t mean I’ve won the award, just that I’m shortlisted for it. I thought, okay, hey that’s cool too, when do I know if I’ve won? Who decides which blog is the best?

And then I realized that to accept the nomination is accepting the award itself. As long as I follow the rules and mark my blog somewhere with the picture, I’m set. Okay so:

01 Liebster Award

Yay! What’s next? Let’s check the rules in Holland’s post. What is Liebster Award? The Liebster Award is awarded to bloggers with under 200 followers to try to promote their blog a little and also bring together a community of bloggers.

The rules of the competition are as follows: The nominated user must provide a link back to the person who nominated them. Provide 11 facts about yourself. Answer 11 questions set by the person who nominated you. Choose 11 more people and ask them 11 questions.

Oh okay, there seems to be a theme of eleven here. Just like what Holland did, I’m going to start with the questions first, so that it doesn’t clash with the facts. Makes sense.

1. Who is your favorite musician?
Wow okay. I’ve got a lot of favourite musicians. Right now my current favourites are Lindsey Stirling (I’M A HUGE STIRLINGITE) and Pentatonix. I love their original music and I listen to them as much as I can, just for the feels.

Fun fact: The feeling of goosebumps you get when you hear or see something so awesome or touching is called a frisson. My best friend and I used to call it eargasms.

2. What is your greatest aspiration?
I suppose this means “life goal”. I’m actually building a three part post about this, to be released later this week, one part a day starting Wednesday. Once it’s up, you can start reading part one here.

3. Who is your greatest inspiration?
“Who”? I guess the politically correct answer would be some strong figure in my life, or a real person I look up to.

But no. My idol is Jace Beleren. He’s a fictional character in Magic: the Gathering (MTG). He’s actually my namesake.

4. What is your favorite number?
Two. I love pairs. Pretty much everything that’s an even number works with me.

5. Are you an Apple or Android type of person?
ANDROID. All the way!

6. Do you like to cook? If so, what?
I guess I like to cook. Haven’t been doing it much lately. Wait. Correction – I haven’t been cooking at all recently. I spend five days a week in army. Not much time, opportunity or motivation to cook anything there. I usually cook because I’m hungry, not for any artistic purposes. I can make fried eggs, rice, roast chicken and egg mayo sandwiches. Simple stuff so that I won’t go hungry. I actually had to use my cooking skills to survive in Japan when I went to Osaka for three months for my internship project.

7. Where do you consider home?
Anywhere my mum can cook. Basically the kitchen. I’m allergic to fish, so mum makes the most awesome chicken meals; roast chicken, honey chicken, steamed chicken, fried chicken, soy sauce chicken.

Mum calls it cupboard love. Heh.

8. What is your favorite post that you have created?
Oh man. How do I pick a favourite??? They’re all my favourite. I’m currently working on a personal project I call the Through His/Her Eyes (THE) series. When it comes out, that will be my favourite post. It’s going to be a series of fictional short romantic stories, inspired my real life relationships. I plan to release each story in a pair; one tells the story from the guy’s point of view and the other, the girl’s. I’ve been procrastinating this for a while now, but I’m 50% done. The guy’s POV post is done, but it was a lot harder than I thought to do the girl’s POV. Ah well, I’m motivated to finish it now, aren’t I? Hopefully I’ll be able to release the posts next week.

9. Why did you join WordPress, in particular?
Ahhh I’ve been looking forward to answering this question. I actually partly answered it in one of my old posts, but I’m saving this topic for the last weekday of May (May 30th) as my 100th post.

10. Do you think you could go a week without your phone?
If I’d been asked this question before December last year, I’d have said a strong yes. I was still using what I call a brick phone; a Nokia phone that’s virtually indestructible but is not a smartphone.

Right now, I’ve got a Sony Xperia Z1 which I paid for myself. I’ve started to grow more and more reliant on my phone because it has all the apps I need to stay connected. The army allows smartphones but not laptops, so the only way I can blog is using the WordPress App on my phone. I definitely could go a week without my phone, but I’d suffer withdrawal symptoms, and I’ll probably be on my phone twice as much when I get it back.

11. If you were on your deathbed, right now, what would your last words be?
“The money is hidden in the….” *dies*

(Wow I’m only halfway through and I’ve already hit nearly 1000 words)

Okay next, provide 11 facts about myself.
1. I love puns. My friends both love and hate me for this. If you ever get a chance to hang out with me, you can safely assume that all my jokes are punintentional.

2. I love Froyo, or frozen yogurt. My friend told me to man up and get a milkshake, and I told him to suck it. (See I’m so punny)

3. I have a background in gymnastics. I quit when I was about 9 years old I think, because I didn’t like the physical exercise. Mum said I’d regret it and she was right. I do parkour and freerunning now, and with my background, it’s much easier for me to learn, compared to most other people. The only things I retained from my gymnastics days are my handstand and handspring. After a while of doing parkour, I got back my backflip and front tuck.

4. I’m a cat person. It’s not that I hate dogs; it’s just that a quiet furry feline is much better instead of a rowdy dog when I takeover the world by hacking into every computer and controlling the Internet when I need my home to be my sanctuary of peace.

5. I’ve never had a girlfriend. It’s not for lack of trying though. I nearly got into a relationship last year, but she ended it after three weeks of dating.

6. I recover unusually quickly. Physically, mentally and emotionally. I guess this is what helps me pick myself up and move on. It’s how I’ve endured so many rejections; current score standing at 12 rejections, I think.

It’s not about how hard you can hit. It’s how hard you can get hit and still keep fighting.

7. I have a collection of $1 coins. The old ones, not the new ones that sound so fake when you drop them. Hey, everyone needs a hobby.

8. I don’t like shorts. My friends will attest to that. Most of the time I wear long pants (not jeans). Even when I go to the beach or go for a run or do parkour. I wear track pants.

9. I can rap. Not well, but good enough for me.

10. Erotic stories turn me on much more than porn does. (TMI? I don’t care.)

11. I have a thing for women who save the wold.

Next, I have to find 11 bloggers and share the love.
1. A Parkour Blog
2. Corner of My Mind
3. Aminellie
4. Musings from a Ragged Soul
5. The World’s a Broken Bone
6. @heart
7. Word Whiskey
8. Sunshine and Denim
9. The Xavion Factor
10. BeautifulMonstar
11. the writing process
Okay done! *pant pant* Last bit, 11 questions. Heh heh heh I’m going to have some fun *rubs hands together in glee*
To the 11 people I’ve nominated: BE BOLD, HAVE FUN. You ain’t gonna live forever.

11 questions for my nominees:
1. What turns you on sexually? (yep I’m going straight for it here)
2. Are you in a relationship or too awesome for anyone to handle?
3. Dark, White or Milk chocolate? (and why)
4. What unusual skills or hidden talents (or talons XD) do you have?
5. Tell me your best pun joke.
6. Coffee or Tea? (Or me? Heheh)
7. Are you Sadistic or Masochistic?
8. How many followers do you have at the time you publish your own Liebester post?
9. At your funeral, what kind of person would you want people say you were? (Then go be that person)
10. Have you told your parents you love them? (If not, do so now) (Pics or it didn’t happen)
11. What is the most embarrassing dream you’ve had or event that happened to you?

So let’s see:
Link back to my nominator. Done.
Posted the picture of the Liebester award. Yes.
11 Facts about me. Yep.
Answered 11 questions. Uh huh.
Nominated 11 more blogs. Affirmative. Asked 11 questions. Finished.

I guess I’ve checked the rules and checked the rules. Heh.

Told you I love puns.