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Zoom Park Singapore

Last Sunday, I went to the Zoom Park Singapore with a couple of friends, Saphira and Mark. Saph had brought along another two guys, Das and Zhen Yi, so we had a party of five.

Before I organized this outing, I did quite a bit of research and analysis, which I’m going to share before I actually talk about my experience at Zoom Park.

There are currently three trampoline parks in Singapore: Zoom Park, Amped @ Katong and Amped @ Jurong. I actually read an article in the newspaper about trampoline parks, which prompted me to start the ball rolling by asking my friends and doing the research.

Side note: I have a love/hate relationship with organising events. I like the planning, the anticipation of the outing and seeing my friends, the search for the most economical deal etc. But I have been burnt in the past when I don’t plan meticulously enough and take into account Murphy’s Law. So now I stick to small things like this trampoline park trip.

I started research with Amped @ Katong, because it was the closest to me. I figured that if I liked it, I could go back on my own in future. I actually went to check it out the Tuesday before we went to Zoom Park, but I was quite disappointed. It was hard to find (turned out be on the second level, with the entrance at the back), it was small and was closed when I went, even though I went during the opening hours.

Anyway, details of the places.

Amped @ Katong
-$9/hr on Mondays to Thursdays
-$12/hr on Friday 10am-6pm
-$15/hr on Friday 6pm-10pm, Weekends and Public Holidays

The prices for Amped @ Jurong are exactly $1 more for each slot, because it’s fully air-conditioned.

In comparison, Zoom Park is:
Mondays to Thursdays
-$14 for 1st hour or $26 for 1st two hours
-$7 for each additional half hour or $13 for each additional hour

Fridays to Sundays (and Public Holidays)
-$17 for 1st hour or $30 for 1st two hours
-$8 for each additional half hour or $15 for each additional hour

Facilities-wise, Zoom Park as a lot more cool stuff. Whereas Amped only has trampolines, Zoom Park has a rock climbing wall, a foam pit, high performance mats, a slam dunk court, two dodgeball courts, a main court and a tumble track. Shower facilities are available at Zoom Park and Amped @ Jurong, but not at Amped @ Katong.

So in conclusion, my recommendation would be to go to Zoom Park on a weekend for a two-hour period, since it’s the same price as Amped and has way more facilities. If you go on a weekday, then Amped @ Katong is better purely because the you save about 100% to 300% on weekdays than on weekends, which is better than the savings if you went to Zoom Park.

Right, on to the review of Zoom Park!

My expectation of Zoom Park was that it would be kind of like a pimped out warehouse. I’d imagined a large space, high ceiling and clear borders and walkways between the facilities, perhaps with queues snaking out from each one. As it turned out, it was pretty cramped, although it was relatively large. At least, it was bigger than Amped @ Katong.

When we arrived, we quickly filled out the waiver, registered and bought our grip socks. After we put our stuff in the free lockers (awesome!) we rushed in to the place, entering only slightly later than 4pm. We’d bought two hours (4-6pm), and we had some problems finding each other at Jurong East MRT, so I feared we would be late.

My friends and I headed into the main court and tumble tracks first. We had quite a bit of fun just jumping around and getting the feel of the trampolines by doing a few basic flips. I managed to do a few wall flips, a double back handspring and started getting the basics of a wall spin. I don’t really like the feel of a wall spin, but it looks so darn cool.

01 Main Court 1
This is the same Main Court as seen from two different angles, don’t think it’s so big!
02 Main Court 2

After just half an hour of jumping around my shirt was soaked with sweat. We decided to take a water break and since we bought the two-hour package, we were each entitled to a free bottle of water. So do remember to keep your receipt to claim your water.

03 Tumble Tracks
The tumble track where we spent a lot of our time racing each other and combining flip moves.

We rested for a couple of minutes, then hit the foam pit. There were three trampolines over the pit and the rock climbing wall was on the other side. See:
04 Rock Climbing Wall and Foam Pit

I didn’t really like this, partly because there were little kids and I kept having to wait for them to move a safe distance away before doing something big. Also, the trampoline didn’t feel as great as I thought it would. I ended up having more fun doing J-step gainers from between the trampolines, where it was a solid bar for me to launch myself off off. The rock climbing wall was also pretty meh.

So we moved on to the dodgeball courts. There were a lot of people, so we didn’t get to play when we first went there. The staff told us to come back at about 5.30pm, when the crowd disperses a little, so we headed back to the tumble tracks and main courts to play around some more.

Mark and I stopped by the slam dunk court, but we found it to be a lot harder than we thought it be. Also, the fun we got wasn’t worth the effort. It did show us how out of shape we were, though. XD Here’s what the court looks like:
05 Slam Dunk Court

The next stop was the high performance mats and, oh boy, were these high performance. The rebound was really strong and I had to control myself from jumping too high. It’s a lot harder to stop jumping on a trampoline when you’re so high and you can’t just land and roll on the trampoline, so it was a little scary for me.

06 High Performance Mats

I ended up trying to do the wall walks, where you keep landing on your back and try to walk up the wall to the top. I’ve seen it done before, but it’s so much harder than it looks. I probably looked like a fool who kept flopping on his back on the trampoline. Hmph.

When 5.30pm arrived, we decided to hang around the dodgeball area to see if we could get into the next game. The staff was right; the crowd had lessened and we didn’t wait two minutes before we were allowed to play. The balls we used were just foam balls, each about the size of a small watermelon. It was really hard to throw the balls and, while I didn’t get hit at all in the first game, I didn’t hit anyone else either.

07 Extreme Dodgeball Court

In the second game, as we raced to the center to grab our balls ammo, my left foot slipped and went into the crack of the trampoline. I scrambled back but my foot got twisted and I had to sit out the rest of the match. 😦

08 Ice Pack on Foot
The staff were nice enough to help me to the nearby bench and get me a pack of instant ice.

I rested for the rest of the session, before hobbling off at 6pm. I discovered a hole in my grip socks, so I threw them away. Looks like I jumped a lot more enthusiastically than the rest XD

09 Worn Out Sock

Before we left, we took a group photo with the Zoom Park logo.
10 Group Photo
Left to Right: Das, ZhenYi, Me, Saphira and Mark

Some Protips:
1) Wear contact lenses (if you’re visually challenged)
2) Wear ankle braces just in case
3) Don’t do anything stupid or try a new move until you only have 30mins left
4) Wear the grip socks!!
5) If you’re going into the foam pit, do a proper warm up. Your hip and groin muscles will kill you if you don’t.
6) Go with friends so they can block little kids from running into your path while you do a flip.